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Career and Internship Opportunities

Career & Internship Experiences

1. Aayushman pandita

2nd year, RGNUL

"On the first day of my internship I was introduced with the functioning of the court rooms, tribunals and other judicial authorities. I was given a brief introduction of the work culture of courts by the junior associates under Mr. Mehta. My main tasks were to visit various court rooms and take a keen observation on the matters and assist juniors in court proceedings. I attended various courts ranging from the Civil, criminal, Motor vehicle tribunals and revenue tribunals also. I also was instructed how to maintain the daily case diary and was made familiar with various court procedures and paperwork. I was also reading various case files and making notes of the procedural and substantive laws. The environment in the chamber was very Jovial and friendly. As I was very positively responded on various questions that I had in my mind. I was cross-questioned by sir sometimes and also helped by sir to understand some complex court issues. I was also asked to maintain a daily diary to note down the observations in the court rooms and the process of dealing with the clients. Overall experience of the internship was very good and very enlightening. The Junior associates and the other experienced advocates around helped me to understand the very complex matters very easily. All the interns, associates, and everyone was very friendly and ensured the involvement of everyone in the office and cheered me for future endeavours of law as a career."

2. Muskan singh

4th year, NLU MUMBAI

"The firm deals with litigation of various kinds of cases in areas such as consumer disputes, copyright, trademark, civil disputes, criminal matters, property suit, etc. Generally a senior partner assigns work to the intern but other associates also provide works depending on the workload and availability. Work included research, preparation of notes on various topics, preparing summaries of arguments and list of dates, case law search, drafting notices and letters, etc. The most unique learning experience for an intern is to be present at various arbitration and mediation proceedings. As an intern, you are to attend court sessions at High Court, Civil courts and tribunals such as Consumer Forums, etc. I had the opportunity to prepare and attend various cross examination sessions. Working in the firm is not only informative but also interactive and provided a very practical aspect of law and its application.

Raghu Mehta Sir was always there whenever I needed help. The work environment is friendly yet professional and this makes working in Law Offices of India a joyful experience. The firm provided me with quality work of numerous high profile companies and the opportunity to attend various sessions at the High Court and other Courts and Tribunals. The work gave me exposure to several areas of Law and the litigation aspect of such laws. I had the opportunity of drafting and documentation of various cases, doing research and attending arbitrations and was appreciated for my work. The department ensures that work is reviewed simultaneously and at times you can approach any associate for help. Finally the behavior of every co-worker made me feel like an associate and not merely an intern."

3. Aarushi Jain

3rd year, LPU

"Interns were required to assist different associates on the going on cases. Usually, we made research from SCC Online, Manupatra, etc. Interns are also required to report to district courts in and also to the High Court and check and make a note of important dates and points said in the court. Associates sometimes also allow you to take Passover and adjournments in their case. Interns were also given work like- application and collection of certified order, compilation and typing of some orders. It was a wonderful experience to work such an intern friendly environment and especially under the supervision of Raghu Mehta sir."

4. Gazala Noor

Ph.d, Jammu University

"On the very first day my internship was introduced By Juniour Associates, Mr. Nigam Mehta. And I was introduced with functioning of the Court Rooms, Tribunals and other Judicial Authorities. I was given a brief introduction of the work culture of Courts. His presence made me comfortable throughout my Internship period. He was always eager to impart the knowledge, which he has acquired through his practice experience. He gave special attention to his interns. First two weeks of my interns were introduced with the entire work and other Advocates too. All the interbs were given a list of bare acts and are required to read through the bare acts, find case laws and make presentations on them. I successfully completed reading through Central Administrative Tribunal Act, legal service authority Act, Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1986. Then, the third week , we were taken for a visit to various court proceedings, attending various Courts ranging from civil, criminal, MACT and CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) also. Cases are alloted to me to read and make Reply or Counter Reply on Original Applications (O.A) of that particular cases. In the Last week of my internship, I was interact with other clients, hear their problems. The official Papers of the case of new clients were given to me to make the timelines of their activities. Overall experience of the internship was awesome and very enlightening. The most Comprehensive learning experience I have ever had. The internship was well structured. The Seniour Advocate Raghu Mehta sir, His Jr. Associates Nigam Mehta and other was well behaved. The best part of the internship was the guidance and the friendly atmosphere I received from them. Thankyou for you support and guidance. "

If you think you have what it takes to be the best, we will give you the stage and provide every resource to help you grow professionally and personally. You can apply for associate or internship positions by sending us an email at We endeavor to respond to you asap.